Copyright Tobias & Larry Loc 2011

The following game was developed from an idea created in 45 minutes at the 2011 IdieCade Board Game seminar. This version of that idea titled "Web of Doom" was created by Larry Loc and Tobias Loc and game tested with friends and family all in under a week. Despite or maybe because the short development time the game in fast paced and easy to learn.

We love the simplicity of the game and the game rules. Thanks to the game mechanic of the roaming spider (dice monsters) created by Tobias the game play is equal parts strategy and luck.

The game is crisp and fast paced with a large dose of luck mixed in with game play strategy. Game play is normally 15 minutes to an hour.

This game is offered as a free download. The following PDF file contains the rules and the printable game board along with the requirement for dice and other game pieces.

Free Download "Web of Doom"

Print & Play Board "Web of Doom"


Larry & Tobias Loc

Blasted Tower Games

From an idea by:

Larry Loc

Tobias Loc

Richard Reyes (Brain Stormers studios)


Sherice (somebody, engineering student - we would like to know who so we can add her to the credits for the idea?)