Blasted Tower Games TM
Why That Name?

    In the field of mystics there are those
    who talk and don’t know and those that
    know and don’t talk. Both groups write
    books and teach. By extension they might
    also create web-based games.

    The Blasted Tower, or the Tower of God
    Destroyed, is key number 16 in "The Book
    Without Bindings". It deals with the
    destruction of institutionalized belief
    systems and their hierarchies that place
    themselves firmly between a person and Spirit.
    Most of our games, and “Doors of Perception”
    in particular, deal with the breaking up of the
    ingrained slave-mind that comes with this
    whole social package.

    But mostly they are just about fun. Merrily,
    merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

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